Which Case?

Which Type of Case Do I Need?

The search for a custom case usually starts with selecting the outer case that meets your demands. In order to find the best possible case or box, it is important to determine what the application of your case or box will be.

  • Will your case be transported frequently? Then select a durable design that keeps the contents of the case firmly in place in order to avoid damage.
  • Will your case mainly be used for storage? Then using a case with materials that are slightly less durable is a suitable option.
  • Will your case be exposed to water and/or dust particles? Then select a case that is resistant to extreme circumstances, especially if the case is intended for prolonged storage.
  • Will your case be used for presentations? Then an elegant, yet convenient solution, such as a lightweight aluminium case, is the best option.
  • What is the size of the items you need your case for? Our cases are categorized as small, medium and large.
(deze tabel is ook onoverzichtelijk, maar het plaatst een stuk makkelijker zo)
Max. weight (contents) 10 kg Handles tested for loads of up to 45 kg 7 kg
Max. dimensions (interior dimensions) 595*365*195 mm 600*515*238 mm 600*515*238 mm
Application Presentation, storage All-round Presentation, storage
Waterproof X V X
Materials Aluminium profiles with MDF sheet materials Polypropylene Polypropylene
Trigger release system X V X
Suitable for external locks X V X

Once you have found the right case, you can design your own foam interior using our convenient online CaseCreator module. If you order a case with a foam inlay, the inlay will have the exact dimensions of the case interior, including cut-outs for the castors or telescopic handles. We have a case or box available for every possible application. With CaseCreator, you will be able to design a custom packaging solution at only the fraction of the price of a custom case!

In rare cases, your custom inlay design is not satisfactory on the first try. Should this happen to you, we will offer you a 50 percent discount on a replacement inlay.