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The outdoors is no doubt where all of life happens and the outdoors is where you have to be extra cautious to protect your video production gear from the elements. Moisture in the humid locations, sand, rain, salt water, heat wave, dust, temperature drops and static electricity in cold weather, can be extremely detrimental for your Video Camera. So it is vital to protect your video gear with innovative and sturdy video cases.

Durable Cases for Video Gear

With CaseCreator it is now possible to design video cases and customizable foam interiors that can provide ultimate protection to your video gear in a variety of convenient styles and sizes. These cases are rugged without compromising on quality and style. The dense foam will prove to be a snug and custom fit for your video gear. All video cases are water-proof and air-tight and built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Versatile Video Case Designing

CaseCreator uses unmatched industry experience and design expertise to help you with the designing process every step of the way. The materials used for the production of the video cases are of the highest quality and they come with a million mile warranty too. Your final design is sent directly to a milling machine for production and within 5 days, the video case interior is at your doorstep and ready to go on that shoot!

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"The CaseCreator Camera hard case is the best thing that happened to my Camera! With the super protection that it promises, I can now rest and travel easy with my Photography gear."

John Mathew