Your DSLR Camera can now go scuba diving with you!

Underwater photography is a specialized art, the techniques are tough to master and what is even more difficult is safeguarding your equipment while you are at it in the deep waters. Special underwater cameras used by professionals are expensive. The better and cost-effective alternative is a dependable Underwater Camera case.

Reliable Underwater Camera Cases for your gear

Weatherproofing your DSLR is a paramount need especially when shooting outdoors. Taking underwater photos with your digital camera calls for utmost care and underwater camera cases will provide you just that – ultimate protection for your photography gear from moisture, salt sprays, sand or wind particulate. Water-proof and air-tight underwater camera cases designed using CaseCreator serves this purpose smartly.

A Do-It-Yourself Underwater Camera Case

A DIY moment is always a proud one and especially when it has to do with designing your own underwater camera case, it gets even special. The best part is that you don't need any design prowess to play around with the CaseCreator design module for designing an underwater camera case interior. All you need to do is use the series of tools available on the left in the CaseCreator website and start designing. A menu on the right requires you to enter the size and also the foam depth and this is then displayed. A preview button gives you a fair idea of how your underwater camera case design will look in 3D.

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"This brilliantly crafted Camera Case is an ideal companion for every professional Photographer and I am glad I bought it!"

Patrick Louwers