How Does CaseCreator Work?

Everyone can use the CaseCreator drawing application.
We advise you to create an account before you start drawing.

You don’t need an account to use the application. We would like to point out that your work may be lost after some time if you do not register for an account. We offer the following options for creating a foam inlay for your case:

Case + Inlay

You select a case from our web shop and design a foam inlay for this particular case. The biggest advantage of this option is that you are guaranteed to receive an inlay that will fit the case perfectly, since the curves and notches at the bottom of the case have already been milled out of the inlay.

Select your case with inlay

Inlay for a Case You Already Own

You can order a separate custom inlay for every type of case we offer. Simply select the option “inlay” in our menu, then select the case for which you want to design an inlay. In the future, we will include products for which our cases are commonly used, including photo and video cameras, drones and game consoles. If you order an inlay for a case you already own, the bottom of your custom inlay will be milled to perfectly fit your case.

Select your inlay for a case you already own

Custom Inlay

You can create a custom inlay made out of our sturdy NA36 polyethylene from scratch. This means the inlay block will be produced according to the dimensions you have entered. You can use your custom foam inlay for various applications, such as workbench drawers, trolleys, desk drawers, kitchen drawers and tool drawers. A custom inlay can be used for every imaginable application that requires storing your equipment in a secure and organized fashion. The maximum dimensions for a custom foam inlay are 1200mm x 700 mm x 70 mm.