Design a Custom Case Interior

Design Your Own Case Interior

Transporting or storing sensitive equipment like camera or video production gear can be tricky. Shock resistance and minimum movement within the case are crucial factors. Camera cases with custom made interiors of shock absorbent foam are the best way to guarantee optimal protection in rough situations. Our case interiors are moisture proof, well designed and better yet, easy on your pocket. The standard foam interiors are extremely durable too.

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Designing your own case interior has never been easier. CaseCreator allows you to design bespoke foam interiors with as many cut-outs of any size that you require. The production of these case interiors is done with military precision and provides superior, practical protection to the case contents. You don't have to be a design whiz or a math geek to play around with the CaseCreator design module. It is super easy to design your own case interior. You could also get in touch should you need any extra informayton regarding your desired case interior.

Designing with CaseCreator is super easy, so start designing your own case interior at

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