Custom Foam Interior

Create Your Own Custom Foam Interior

Everybody has fragile items that are easily damaged or that they simply want to store well. Professional cameras, professional audio equipment and even weapons are examples of such items. A quick look through the catalogue of any store may suggest that the perfect case for storing and transporting these items does not exist. Such a case can actually be found easily, however, on! Using our online tools, you can draw your own design in virtual case foam, which will enable us to bring your design to life. Within a few minutes, you will have designed a custom case with a foam inlay that has cut-outs in which your fragile items fit perfectly.

The Advantages of Your Own Design

  • Your case is a perfect fit for the intended application
  • Your custom case will be delivered to your door
  • Select the perfect outer case and adjust the case foam to your demands
  • Great prices

How Our Online Case Foam Design Tools Work

Designing your own case foam sounds tempting, but at the same time, the term “design” suggests that special skills or specific knowledge may be required. We can assure you that designing a case interior and drawing the shapes into the case foam is remarkably easy. If you have the correct dimensions in mind, everything else is self-explanatory. First you draw the shapes that need to be cut out of the case foam, then you enter the dimensions and finally order the finished design. We will cut out the specified compartments in accordance with the numbers you have entered. The inlay of your custom case will be made of premium quality foam that ensures optimal protection of the case’s contents.

Draw Your Own Design in Case Foam

One of the many advantages of is that using our online tools is non-binding. You can simply start drawing in virtual case foam and work on your design until it is perfect. Prior to this, you don’t have to register for an account and you are also not obligated to order the results of your effort. Feel free to discover our online case foam design tools on your own terms.