Custom Cases allows you to quickly and conveniently order a foam inlay of your own design. You can select your preferred case from a selection of standard-sized cases and design a custom inlay for that particular case. You can also order a separate inlay for a case you already own. In the event that you need a large number or cases with the same design or a custom inlay for a case or box that is not part of our standard collection, our parent company may be able to help you. is a brand of the Faes Group, which is specialized in durable packaging and packaging advice. Faes is renowned for its quick and efficient production of durable custom packaging solutions for various applications. Our own design department can quickly create a custom design for production in large quantities. The start-up costs of such productions are usually relatively high and therefore, this option is generally only cost-efficient for B2B clients. If you are interested in such large-quantity production, please visit the Faes Cases website.