Create Your Own Case

Conveniently Creating a Custom Professional Case

There is a wide range of available options regarding the exterior and the dimensions of a case. But the outer case is only a part of what you are looking for when you need a professional case. In fact, if you are planning to transport fragile equipment with a shockproof case, the interior of the case is of much more vital importance. The best option for such applications would be to buy a professional case with a custom foam inlay. makes this option more accessible than ever before. Our online design tools are extremely user-friendly and as a result, you can design your own custom case in a matter of minutes.

Creating a Custom Case Step-by-Step

  1. Select a design for the exterior or simply enter the dimensions for your own design;
  2. Draw the design of your custom inlay using our online design tool;
  3. Proceed to order the custom case you have designed;
  4. Within a couple of days, you will receive your own custom case

Quickly Design a Custom Case

Creating your own custom case is easy, due to the user-friendly nature of CaseCreator’s online design module. We have created our tools so that everyone can work with them. This eliminates the need for complex calculations. Instead, you only have to measure the items that you plan to store in or transport with the case. You can use these dimensions to accurately draw the shapes of the items on the inlay design for your custom case. Have you finished your design? Then you can order the result. We will cut the shapes you have drawn out of the protective foam used on the inside of your custom case.

Start Using the Case Design Module

Mastering the case design module is a matter of simply giving it a try. You don’t have to wait any longer, as creating your own custom professional case using our online tools does not require registration or purchase.