Create Your Own Box

Create Your Own Professional Box

Cases and boxes are available in a myriad of sizes. If there is one specific fragile item that you want to store securely in a box, however, the available standard sizes usually don’t offer sufficient protection. Cameras and professional audio equipment, for instance, require secure transportation using a shockproof box or case. At, we can help you transport such fragile goods, as our online tools will make it easy for you to create your own professional box. You can design the inlay for the box in minute detail, allowing your fragile belongings to be stored securely.

Creating a Custom Professional Box Step-by-Step

  1. First, enter the dimensions your box should have or select an outer case from our standard collection;
  2. Then use our design module to draw the shapes we need to cut out;
  3. Your professional custom box is now ready to be ordered;
  4. After finalizing your order, your custom box will be delivered within a few days.

How to Create a Custom Box

Designing a custom box sounds interesting, but isn’t it complicated? We are happy to announce that it is not. Our online design tool is very user-friendly and using it does not require any technical knowledge or intricate calculations. The dimensions of your camera, your tools or other objects you want to store or transport are the only knowledge you need prior to creating your custom box. You can enter these dimensions in order to draw the appropriate shapes into our online tool. When you have finished your design, we will cut the specified shapes out of high-grade foam to create the perfect inlay for your custom box.

Using Our Online Design Tools

The best way to master our online tools is simply using them. You can use our tools as often and as long as you need. Registering for an account is not required, but it is convenient as it will allow you to save your designs for the custom inlay for your professional box.