A Case with Foam

Conveniently Create Your Own Foam Case Inlay

Cases are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but a special storage case that is perfectly tailored to your fragile goods is generally not readily available in a physical store. For example: sturdy cases with a foam inlay that has cut-outs perfectly shaped for your subwoofer or camera are not easy to find. With the online tools available on CaseCreator.com, everyone can design and order their own case with a custom foam inlay. Using our tools, you can specify the dimensions and the shape of the outer case, as well as the lay-out of the foam inlay. With our tools, you can draw the exact shapes of the items you plan to store in your new case into the foam interior.

Designing a Foam Inlay for Custom Cases

  1. Select a suitable outer case from our selection of cases or enter custom dimensions;
  2. Design the foam case inlay as needed to ensure proper protection;
  3. Have you finished your custom case and foam inlay? Then you can order them immediately;
  4. It will not take more than a few days for the case to be delivered to the specified address.

Drawing a Design for a Case with Foam

It may sound like designing a custom case with foam requires specific technical knowledge, but the opposite is actually true. CaseCreator.com has created an extremely convenient online design tool that everybody can use. As long as you know the measurements of the items you want to put in your case, you can start drawing the cut-outs into the virtual foam. All you have to do to make sure your items fit is enter the dimensions into our tool. If you have created your own foam case inlay, we will cut the compartments out of high-quality case foam. This soft foam is shockproof and therefore, extremely suitable for protecting fragile items.

Try Creating Your Own Foam Inlay

If you have not started designing yet, please feel free to do so. Designing your own custom case with a foam inlay does not require a purchase or even a user account. Because of this, you can keep altering the design for your foam inlay for as long as you need and you don’t have to order until you are completely satisfied.