Case Interior

Design a Custom Case Interior

Some people assume that the interior of a case is something static. You can enter a store and simply select the case that best matches your demands. But if you need anything more reliable than a travel case, such as a case to transport your favourite tools, your camera or audio equipment, the standard solutions available in stores usually don’t offer optimal protection. This is why offers a revolutionary concept that allows you to design your own case interior. You can specify the shapes our equipment needs to cut out of the case interior, making the inlay a perfect fit for your belongings. You can design your own case interior any time you like from the comfort of your own home.

Why Design a Custom Case Interior?

  • Aside from the interior, you can also select an outer case that best matches your demands
  • You can specify the dimensions of your case down to the millimetre
  • Designing your own case interior using our online design tools is very convenient
  • Ordering the case you designed will not take more than a few minutes

How to Create a Case Interior

Creating your own custom case inlay may initially sound as a complicated task that requires a lot of time and expert knowledge. However, the opposite is actually true. CaseCreator’s design module is extremely user-friendly. The only thing you need to do before designing your custom case inlay is measure the dimensions of the items you mean to keep inside the case. Using these dimensions and our online design tool, you can map out these shapes on a virtual case interior. These shapes will then be cut out of our soft, extremely shockproof foam. The cases you can order on are always a reliable option for storing your belongings.

Start Designing!

Now that you know how to design your own case inlay, you can start designing the interior immediately. You are not obligated to purchase your design and you can take all the time you need in order to create the perfect case interior for protecting your fragile items.