Case Inlay

Designing a Case Inlay

Although cases and boxes are available in various shapes and sizes, with various locking mechanisms and outer shells, choices are often limited when it comes to the case interior. This should not pose a problem when you are looking for a travel case, but what if you want to travel with a professional camera or other costly, fragile gear? On, you can design custom case inlays. This allows you to perfectly adjust the interior of your cases to the items that you need to protect within them. Fortunately, using the online tools available on makes this easy.

The Advantages

  • You can draw the required cut-outs for the case inlay quickly and conveniently
  • You can select any outer case that best fits the intended application
  • You have full control over the dimensions of the case inlay and the outer case
  • Once you have designed your case inlay, ordering is quick and easy

How to Design a Custom Case Inlay offers a remarkably user-friendly design module that enables you to conveniently design your own custom case inlay. No technical knowledge or complex calculations are necessary. Just measure the items you intend to store in the case and use these dimensions to draw the cut-outs for your inlay, which can be selected from a wide variety of standard shapes in our online design tool. Once you have finished the design for your inlay, we will cut the specified compartments out of premium quality foam with excellent shock-absorbent properties. As a result, anything you choose to store in a case created on will be protected against various damage risks.

Give It a Try!

The best way to experience the convenience of our online case inlay design tools is simply using them. Using the online tools of does not obligate you to register or purchase your design.