About CaseCreator

CaseCreator - Online Design Tools for Case Inlays since 2013

CaseCreator was established by Faes Cases in 2013 to provide an online design tool for creating customized foam case inlays for professional and semi-professional use. 95 percent of the orders Faes Cases receives are unique, as they are ordered only once and for very specific purposes.

These orders used to be processed by our product department. CaseCreator has taken over a large portion of these orders, which guarantees efficiency when it comes to sales and engineering expenses. CaseCreator is mainly used by presentation-oriented industries, such as sales, media professionals or medical professionals. The cases sold by CaseCreator are often used to store and transport fragile equipment. The design tool is easy to use.

For more information, please look around on our website or start designing your own unique case right away. Our custom cases are the perfect fit for every application imaginable!