Go Ahead design your custom interior

Combine with a case for superior protection of your expensive goods.

Create Case Interiors Online

Using casecreator.com you can create your own case interiors. We offer you a wide range of interiors for various cases and boxes. A custom case interior will guarantee that the contents of your case will not shift around during transport. This will ensure that all your valuables reach their destination unscathed.

Ordering a Custom Interior for Your Case

You can easily design a case with a foam inlay at casecreator.com. Using our tool, you can specify exactly how the foam needs to be cut out in order to make the inlay a perfect fit for your things. Our machines cut out the compartments exactly as indicated in your case design. You can expect to receive your custom foam inly within five days.

Customised Protection

For objects with a non-standard shape, a custom case is not your only option. A case interior offers the same level of protection as a custom case at a fraction of the price. This allows you to create an interior for your case or custom box at a very reasonable price.

Fast Delivery

On average processing takes 4-5 business days. These products are made to order and are high quality, so it takes time to ensure perfection!.

Secure Payment

Our website is secure, so that your data can never be misused. Just select the payment gateway of your choice.

Customer Service

Have questions or need support? Contact CaseCreator's customer support team now for assistance or answers to your questions.